New in Calendar Data Center: everything you need in one timeline

There are many entities in Jira that you would like to schedule and visualize on the timeline. When you work in a team and assign tasks to colleagues, most often you are faced with limited features of the system – the ability to select only the assignee.

In addition to assignees – what meeting rooms are occupied, or who holds certain equipment and when he will return it, and many other things.

But here's the problem – this functionality is not available in Jira. Instead, it's in our Calendar Data Center app.

We have improved this aspect, so now you can choose not only a task performer, but also meeting rooms, equipment and support agents.

By customizing the calendar settings, you can create separate floating panels for each category, providing a visual representation of the project workload.

The feature supports various custom field types:

  1. User Picker (single user);
  2. Select List (single choice);
  3. Asset Object;
  4. Asset Referenced Object (single).

You, as a user, can switch between different calendar modes to get a better view of the information and select custom fields convenient for your work.

Maximize the use of all calendar features and make your workflow even more streamlined!

Learn more about the product – try our new feature Calendar Data Center now.