New: accounting of income and expenses in CRM for Jira Cloud

CRM for Jira Cloud not only simplifies but also automates the management of daily tasks and projects. Today we're going to tell you about our new feature in CRM for Jira Cloud - Income & Expenses, which will be especially useful for account managers.

What are the benefits of Income & Expenses?

In addition to client work information, you'll be able to account for income and expenses not only for a particular client, but also for each transaction or project.

This is convenient and efficient for account manager jobs in companies that run projects and customer inquiries in Jira itself.

Other CRMs, for example, can only provide revenue information. And for an overall understanding of the sales result for each client, revenue alone won't be enough.

What are the benefits of the new functionality?

In Jira Cloud, you will have access to:

  • handbook field configurations, which include date, company, transaction type and status, estimated revenue, and a general description;
  • general financial balance cards for each client, allowing you to collect and store information in a structured form;
  • ability to add income/expense to each transaction to understand its balance;
  • option to capture planned/actual transactions that allow you to see the plan/actual;

The Income & Expenses section will become available to you in the company card. You can modify the Income & Expenses template itself, if necessary, according to the needs of your business.

We are sure that this feature will help you to improve the efficiency of work with your clients and their loyalty.

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