Why do you need a calendar in your work and how will timelines help you with that?

With the advent of technology seemingly making it easier for employees who are in different time zones and locations to work together, still managing a calendar has become a more complex process. As a result, companies have to resort to new strategies and tools in order to effectively schedule tasks.

Team calendars are an integral part of any successful business development, as they help team members to manage important dates and other events (e.g. client or team meetings).

Team calendars as a productivity tool help companies around the world track project steps and deadlines, as well as manage work schedules, increase transparency and accountability within the team, as everyone can see what their colleagues are working on, how much time is left on a particular task and when a new task can be given to work on.

All these and other features are available in our Calendar for Jira. What else does our app allow you to do?

  • Create unlimited amount of calendars and share them with Jira users;
  • Add quick filters to view certain tasks;
  • Customizable and preview issues;
  • Several types of views, including timelines with separation of tasks by assignment;
  • JQL-related issues colors for highlighting and better visibility.

In addition, recently we introduced a new functionality, which allows you to select not only the task performer, but also meeting rooms, equipment and support agents.

By configuring the calendar settings, you can create individual variable dashboards for each category, providing a visual representation of the project workload.

The feature supports various custom field types:

  1. User Picker (single user);
  2. Select List (single choice);
  3. Asset Object;
  4. Asset Referenced Object (single).

As a user, you can switch between different calendar modes to better view info and select user-friendly custom fields. At the same time, none of your changes will be lost, and will be saved in the system.

Calendar view and timelines for planning are two major and advantageous functionalities of our product that you can try now!