Work progress and how does the Reminder app relate to this?

Do you ever feel like you don't have time to get everything done during the day? In the midst of long hours, deadlines and crazy schedules, it's easy for you as a team lead or project manager to forget about important things.

While you are using regular Jira notifications, you are definitely facing these problems:

  1. too many notifications (e.g. 30-40 per day), especially in conditions of active work on the project task: comments are written, status is modified, resolution is changed. You do not have to receive so many notifications (specially if you have "observer" status enabled), what is important – to know how the work on the task is progressing, at what stage your colleague is stuck.
  2. lack of any notifications if nothing happens in the task. But this does not mean that there is no work in progress, it is just because your colleague fails to notify you of any problems with the issue. For a team lead, it's an important task that must be completed by, let's say, the end of the sprint.
  3. flooding your colleague with messages on how work is going, when in fact it could be avoided.

These and other problems, such as those with non-urgent tasks that are more likely to be forgotten, you can escape.

While there are many ways to solve the problem and customize notifications, here is one simple way - set a reminder for the right task and focus on what's really important.

The Reminder app can help you monitor your coworkers' progress (especially those tasks that are important to you at work) and make sure they keep moving forward.

With the help of the Reminder app, you will be able to:

  • Create e-mail reminders to your coworkers to find out which task stage they are currently at;
  • Set the frequency when creating the reminder if you need to do something repeatedly. Especially in case you need to check the progress of your colleague;
  • Manage your team: set deadlines for tasks to your coworkers (if you are granted the relevant rights) to ensure that nothing is forgotten and teamwork runs smoothly;
  • Use a special gadget to view upcoming reminders on your dashboard;

Reminder app will help you as a team lead or project manager to stay organized and remember about your work tasks.

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