Saving results in “My Filters” panel – new in Agile Filters for Jira Boards

Agile Filters for Jira Boards helps you not just create quick filters for boards, but also work with backlogs, selecting the right tags from a drop-down list. Today we will tell you about our new feature in Agile Filters for Jira Boards, which will be useful for all Jira users.

What’s new?

Now you can filter tasks on the board and at the same time save the results in “My Filters”. Filters will be visible only for you.

The saved filters will be displayed on the top of the panel and can be selected if necessary.

You can customize your saved filters:

Go to Board -> Configure -> Agile Filters Settings -> My filters (Tab).

In this section you have the opportunity to add, edit or delete saved filters.

Also filters apply to backlog if you use Scrum Board.

We are sure that this feature will help you to improve the efficiency of your everyday work.

Learn more about the product – try our Agile Filters for Jira Board.