Keeping users on track and administrators focused on important tasks: how can Agile Filters for Jira help you with this?

Imagine what it's like for Jira administrators, who are responsible for absolutely everything in the system – from helping users (answering questions about Jira project board or creating a report) to performing capacity settings and updates. And with that amount of work, sometimes it's not easy to handle.

And what about the user side? A user has to wait for the administrator's response: especially when it is necessary to create a quick filter, because it is impossible to do it without the administrator's help. Creating a filter is important, even more important if you are working on a major project, where wasting time is a real luxury.

For this purpose, it is important to find an app which will help "offload" the tasks of Jira administrators, automating many processes and allowing users to solve problems themselves without admin assistance.

By choosing Agile Filters for Jira, you get:

  • Self-service option for Jira users

You will be able to set up filters for your tasks, work with the backlog and select the desired labels yourself. Even if there may be many tasks on the kanban board, you can filter each of them at any time by several parameters – Multiselect. With filters, any task or information will be clearly structured.

  • Quick filter by multiple parameters

Get a selection of tasks of maximum complexity and without JQL. Select as many values from the drop-down menu as you need.

  • Advantages for Jira administrators

You only need to add the required fields to the board once, including any custom fields – even from other apps. This is how you free yourself from the constant stream of user requests.

  • Customizing tasks

You can filter any project task by status and performer, allowing your team to save time and track the overall status of the project.

In addition, in one of the latest updates for Agile Filters for Jira, we introduced a new feature:

You can filter tasks on the board and save the results in "My Filters" at the same time. The filters will be visible only to you.

Saved filters will be visible at the top of the panel and you will be able to select them if needed.

Agile Filters for Jira will provide your Jira Software boards with useful functionality to control all the project tasks you are working on. And if you're an administrator, it's a great way to focus on solving users' tasks that are more critical!

Learn more about the product – try our Agile Filters for Jira Board.