How to work on and control multiple projects at the same time?

When you work in a team, you definitely face a situation where you and co-workers have lots of tasks that need to be completed throughout the day.

Moreover, in the course of the workflow, you constantly forget about meeting with a client or checking a colleague's task.

It is physically impossible to remember everything. Even post-it notes on the whiteboard are no longer helpful. Meanwhile, something can go wrong. We think you don't want that.

That’s why you can build your ideal workflow and save more time with Reminder app:

  • start your day by setting tasks (coming via e-mail) for the day in 100% customizable and flexible system rather than writing it down;
  • track your team's progress – set a reminder on other people's tasks to understand better when a co-worker passes it on to you for the next step so you don't miss important deadlines;
  • keep your team working in a familiar interface – allow them to manage the most complex projects with ease in one place;
  • prioritize the tasks that are most important to your team to close deals and complete projects successfully;

Control your own and your colleagues' workflow by creating reminders, setting their frequency and priority.

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