How can CRM Cloud for Jira optimize the customer experience?

Jira Cloud products  both simplify and automate the management of daily tasks and projects. Today we're going to talk about an app for Jira Cloud, CRM for Jira Cloud – Customers & Sales, which is especially useful for companies looking to take advantage of a powerful customer relationship management platform without the extra cost of infrastructure.

B2B IT companies that use Jira for production processes: (IT solutions for logistics, server installation and maintenance, software development for video surveillance systems). Such projects in Jira cover external customers who may need application development or IT infrastructure maintenance.

How will the app make companies' work easier?
There will be new features such as the storage of contacts, information about a company's product or service, and transaction management. And the CRM Cloud will allow professionals within companies to focus on more meaningful tasks.

If you're an account manager, your customers are probably asking for reports on completed tasks and the time spent on them. This is usually inconvenient and time-consuming. In addition, out of all the volume of tasks in Jira, it is quite difficult to find what you need. Especially when there are a large number of requests from the client - there is a risk of not finding them in the system. In the CRM Cloud, it will be possible to store information about your customers, as well as link the company you require to the tasks that need to be done. Thus, generating a report on a particular customer will become much easier.

And if you're in the company at the position of a project manager, the CRM Cloud makes the history of each client's requests available: which employee managed the company project, which tasks were completed, and so on. It is also important for the project manager to coordinate the work between the team and the client: for this purpose in the CRM Cloud there is an option to "bind" issue, company and contact (of that company). Thus, it is possible to request the necessary information additionally from the customer - just open a contact with an email or phone number in Jira. An employee who manages a company, receiving a new task, finds that it is automatically stamped in front of this company.

As we mentioned earlier, there are new features in the app, each of which we'll explore below:

Storage of contacts
To create contacts you can use any of the following methods: manual input, import the list (in CSV format), or enable automatic synchronization with Jira Users (in the CRM settings).

When synchronizing with Jira Users, contacts are created in the "Contacts" directory after creating a request with JSM (Jira Service Management). When the client first appears in JSM, it automatically appears in the CRM if it's not already there.

Contacts directory

Also, you will receive not only immediate information about the customer's calls to support, but also add any information about the customer (such as contacts, company size or region) to the ticket in support or to the task in Jira Software.

CRM section in the issue

Storage of information about the product or service of a company
The main advantage of this type of storage is the ability to associate a product/service with a contact or company. As a result, you will have a list that clearly shows what service a particular company ordered.

In addition, you can use cross-sell to increase sales. How does it work? For example, your company is engaged in the development and promotion of websites. In this case, you choose a list of clients for which you are developing a corporate website. At the same time (through the cross-sell), you offer them a contextual advertising, SEO promotion or hosting services. That means that the customer gets a full-fledged product, packed with additional features to increase traffic and sales.

Product & Services directory

Income and expenses
This directory will store data about your deals (both about a plan of the deal and its fact) with clients and partners. The main feature is the ability to record information on the anticipated amount of the client's transaction. Firstly, this data can be compared to the sales plan to understand later which department or employee should make efforts to achieve effective results. Secondly, keep a budget and plan expenses according to the expected transaction amount.

Income & Expenses directory

So if you are using Jira Cloud, we suggest you try our CRM Cloud app. Its extensive functionality will make it easier for your employees to work in-house, help you keep customer and project data in one place, and increase the level of interaction with your clients.